~NATE’S 125th café~


home of twisted soulfood!

Good Day to ALL loyal customers, associates and fans,

So sorry to say but I will be ending the operation of NATE'S 125th Cafe as of October 31, 2016. I am joining a new adventure in real estate, and will be moving to New York to take over my father's business; a management company that buys, sells and manages properties. My father is over 72 years old and has been in need of my help!

This was a difficult decision due to my family, career and other factors in my food business. I have embraced many challenges in this industry , and am now making way for a new opportunity.

I will not be entertaining any further opportunities of catering at this moment. HOWEVER, I am in the process of looking for a distribution system for my HANDCRAFED syrups, sauces and butters.

Please stay tuned! Thank you for considering me in the past to cater and service your groups!

Take care and enjoy your passions!

Nathan McMurray